Meaning of Cyber Crime ?>

Meaning of Cyber Crime

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Cyber Crime is also known as Computer Crime around the world. This crime involves the misuse of computers and the complex computer network. The computer networks that are used in the cyber crime can be of a specific computer, a group of computers, a full specific server or a target big computer network. Computer plays a vital role in these crimes. As the computer has turned out to be the greatest inventions of the mankind, it has also turned out to be the greatest threat when put in wrong hands. People use computers to do almost every work such as office work, projects, studies, entertainment, storing important data, banking, etc… the list s never ending.
Due to our dependency on computer for almost every work we are more open to the outer world of hackers. We store all the important data in our computers and also we access the internet network from it, the internet works as a bridge which connects your computer openly to every present network in the corners of the world, you can easily sit and explore things of the other sides of the world, this surly lessens the work burden but it also open the gates for the hackers in the cyber world.
Cyber-CrimeWhat happens when you have save a crucial set of files and folders which are important officially and the very next morning you find them missing or been misused by an unknown identity, it will put you in heavy loss; this is done by the hackers and is considered as a cyber crime. The crimes done by the use of computers and computer networks is considered as Cyber Crime. Cyber crime has been more active from the last couple of decades and especially in the last decade when people started using the social media sites and all their personal data us spread over the network. So with the outburst of data on the networks and the viral effect of internet on every one’s lives makes it easier for the negative elements of the society to indulge them into cyber crimes.
16cyber-crime3These crimes can be very harmful for an individual as well as for the society and economy of a country. These cyber crimes can be done to a specific individual, a group of targeted people, a target company, an organization, a state or to the whole country. Some times when a country is struck by a big cyber attack the whole countries economic conditions are put of stakes. One of the most common motives of cyber crime is Money, yes about 65% of the cyber crimes around the world are meant to steal money from the bank accounts. And other motives of cyber crime could be stealing personal information, blackmailing, to corrupt data, infect the targeted systems, break down of the companies functioning, cyber attacks, break down of the security and many more. So one should be careful about the use of important information and also try to keep his/ her computers save from any of the third person.

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